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TC-X Topcoater

Whether as stand-alone tool or in combination with other Leybold Optics machines – the TC-X topcoater is the perfect solution for hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic layers in eyeglass processing.

The TC-X is a classical “one button machine” – just put in the lenses, close the drawer, and take out the perfectly finished lenses after a few minutes. High performance at a very favorable price!

TC-X is the optimum supplement for any type of optical coating system and can shorten the process running times of the master systems considerably. To ensure a quick and smooth transfer of the lenses during production, the TC-X can be equipped with the substrate holder paddles of the CCS. Individual adaptations to systems made by other manufacturers are also possible.

Hydrophobic layers

Hydrophobic coatings seal ophthalmic lens surfaces with an ultra-smooth polymer film, making it easy to clean the eyeglass lenses. Dirt, water or oily contamination can simply be wiped off. Super-hydrophobic layers possess these properties in extreme perfection. The difference can even be felt with your fingers!

Technical features:

  • Weight: ~ 330 kg
  • Mains:
    1 x 240V-AC, 50 Hz
    1 x 240V-AC, 60 Hz
    Others on request
  • Power consumption: 4 kW
  • Vacuum pumps:
    1 mechanical pump, exhaust demister
    Optional: turbo pump
  • Process cycle time: < 20 min
  • Process pressure:
    ~ 1.3 x 10-1 mbar TC-X (mechanical pump)
    ~ 5 x 10-4 mbar TC-XT (turbo pump)
  • Capacity:
    47 lenses (Ø 70 mm) on flat turn table
    16-20 lenses with CCS flip over paddles
    Others on request