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Zařízení pro povlakování antireflexivních vrstev, které poroste s Vaším úspěchem.

The CCS equipment series provides you with an excellent AR process. Its smart, modular concept allows you to start with a moderate initial investment and only compact floor space requirements, but without compromises on quality. Later, you can easily upgrade the machine along with the growth of your business. As production volume and variety increases, it will not be necessary to exchange your machine – just add new components to the system. In its ultimate configuration, the CCS Pro, the system becomes a powerful and versatile tool for mid-scale laboratories.

The CCS series is a unique Leybold Optics concept and highly acclaimed by customers throughout the world.


  • Fully automated process
  • Easy and comfortable machine handling and operation
  • Easy access to components and instruments
  • Easy system maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Ergonomic chamber shieldings
  • Short pump-down time to process start pressure
  • Modification of process parameters according to customer specification
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings
  • Organic and mineral lenses
  • Remote analysis via modem and data logging
  • Equipment and components manufactured by Leybold Optics

Technical Data:

CSS Light

  • Capacity: 48-72 pairs / 8 hours
  • Water-cooled turbomolecular pump, 1500 liters/sec
  • Leybold Optics electron beam evaporator HPE-6
  • Automatic flip-over lens carrierMark I Ion source (for in-chamber hydrophobic)
  • Ion pre-clean (IPC)
  • Process time: 75 min.

CSS Light P

  • Capacity: 64-96 pairs / 8 hours
  • Polycold cryogenic refrigeration system
  • Meissner trap Water chiller
  • Process calibrationIon assisted deposition (IAD)
  • Process time: 55 min.


  • Capacity: 126-182 pairs / 8 hours
  • Extended Dome 52 pcs. Ø 70mm
  • Process calibration
  • Process time: 35 min.