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BOXER - The medium-sized solution for the Rx and stock production of ophthalmic lenses

Uncompromising performance and a compact design: BOXER is a coating system for eyeglass lenses. It is ideal for Rx production as well as for stock production. And of course, the system is suitable for clean room use as well.

Optimized Geometry

With BOXER, the electron beam evaporator is positioned in the middle of a rectangular chamber, which improves the coating properties. A specially developed 'click and fix' system facilitates the replacement of substrate carriers and thus shortens down times.

Suitable for various uses

From classical broadband anti-reflection coating to absorption layers (protection against the sun) - a great number of different processes can be carried out with BOXER. Moreover, if the demands on the system happen to change, its hardware can easily be expanded.


  • Plug and coat design
  • Cubic coating chamber with straight sided walls ensures:
    • easy maintenance
    • optimized coating geometry
    • quick removal of protection shields for cleaning
  • Easy maintenance of all components
  • Clean room compatible
  • Simple click fixing of substrate carrier
  • Numerous hardware upgrades available

Technical Data:

  • Pumping systems
    • Turbomolecular pump (l/s) 1,500
    • Rotary-vane pump (m3/h) 65
    • Meissner trap (Pumping speed for H2O in l/s) 16,000
  • Coating chamber volume (l) 450
  • Substrate carrier diameter (mm) 685
  • Number of substrates
    - Standard substrate carrier
    Ø 65 mm 71
    Ø 70 mm 62
    Ø 75 mm 52
    Ø 80 mm 47