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Since decades, Leybold Optics is playing in the first row of the ophthalmic technology development. Since the introduction of anti-reflection coatings on mineral glasses in the early days, numerous leaps forward were achieved with ever more sophisticated material systems alongside with break-throughs in machine productivity and cycle times.

Today, Leybold Optics offers the most ample as well as competitive portfolio of anti-reflection batch coating systems in the market. Leybold Optics ophthalmic systems are characterized by mature and well-thought-out designs, unrivalled throughput and reliability under demanding production conditions.

Today, Leybold Optics acts as a solution provider for the surface finishing of ophthalmic lenses. Coating systems, proprietary single and multi-layer stacks, processes for anti-reflective, decorative or easy-to-clean functions, and service programs are the essentials of attractive packages. From stand-alone systems like the TC-X topcoater for hydrophobic layers to MINILab and EASYLab, complete lab solutions including also cleaning and hard-coating stations, Leybold Optics covers the entire spectrum with high-class products and benchmark services.