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3D Plastics: Explore the possibilities of functional coatings

The product line 3D-Plastics provides solutions for vacuum coating on three-dimensional parts made of plastic, metal, glass, ceramics or other materials. Our systems, the CompactMet, the AluMet Family, the PylonMet VXL and the Dyna Family, and processes provide coating solutions even for complex-shaped injection-moulded parts, like reflectors and bezels for the car-lamp industry, 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics) housings, interior-lights, solar-concentrators and cosmetic-packaging.

The portfolio of applications includes sputtering and thermal evaporation of reflective and decorative metal layers plus PECVD Top-Coat (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition), Colour-Coating by reactive-magnetron sputtering, transparent surface engineering layers, like wipe-resistant layers and easy-to-clean layers (Lotus-Blossom-Effect), layer-stacks for automotive mirrors and silver layer-stacks for highest reflectance.