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FLEX-M Multi-Purpose tool for optical security materials

FLEX-M is a multi-purpose vacuum metalizing system for the production of protection-, security- and optical-effect- based applications. Two separated evaporators for different materials guarantee a maximum in flexibility and a minimum in setup time.

Suitable for various applications

From applications with classical full-area aluminium layers to applications with demanding interference layers to applications with the additional use of the pattern printing system a wide range of products can be realised.


  • Strong three-stage pump set – new arrangement, optimised footprint, improved performance.
  • Guide rollers for thin film applications – top surface quality, low mass moment of inertia and high life-time.
  • Plasma pre-treatment for consistent quality of substrates before processing and best product properties.
  • High precession pattern printing system.
  • Zinc-sulphide evaporator with direct-heated crucibles.
  • ISS – In-Situ Sensor – the reference in in-situ quality control.
  • In-situ closed loop layer control and monitoring.
  • Automatic process control.
  • Recipe controlled production.
  • Batch report and data-logging for quality control, process evaluation and optimisation.
  • Advanced system controller with remote service access via modem.

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