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POLLUX - Diamond Like Carbon Coating System (DLCcs)

The Leybold Optics POLLUX is a high vacuum PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) system for precision optics applications. The POLLUX chambers are used by industry leaders to produce optical and thermal imaging systems. The Leybold Optics R&D and process team is your partner for customized processes.

Extremely hard layer surfaces

The system is designed for the production of diamond like hard carbon (DLC) layer coatings for IR anti-reflex applications, including but not limited to, germanium (Ge) and silicon (Si). The extremely hard DLC layer protects exposed optics surfaces and also increases infrared transmittance. 

High accuracy with Optical Monitoring

The DLCcs features a very stable automatic coating process. The advanced optical layer monitoring guarantees unparalleled layer thickness, accuracy, and reproducibility.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rotating substrate turntable with 465mm (18.3 inch) diameter coated area
  • Gas distributor for homogeneous gas/plasma/film distribution
  • Layer termination by optical monitoring (OMS)
  • MF-power supply for standard operation 13.56 MHz
  • Complete isolation for MF-operation
  • Monomer box for process gas temperature stabilized (heated)
  • DLCcs visualization and control system
    • Industrial PC, profibus
    • decentralized PLC for real-time requirements,
    • Automatic Mode for automatic machine/process control
    • Manual Mode for system preparation, service and maintenance
    • Data logging

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