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NESSY – EUV sputter machine

NESSY II is a second generation magnetron sputter system mainly used for the production of EUV extreme ultraviolet mirrors under UHV conditions. It is designed for mass production as well as the R&D of new products. The machine can be equipped with up to 6 different rectangular sputter cathodes and uses materials like Mo, Si and diffusion barrier layers. As a result, a complete coating stack can be performed in one cycle. Flat main and sub-rotation, as well as curved substrates, allow the coating to have an extremely high layer thickness uniformity or rotationally symmetric gradient layers.

Fields of applications

  • EUV coating for collector optics
  • synchrotrons optics
  • x-ray astronomy
  • soft x-ray lasers
  • plasma physics

Features & Benefits:

  • Single substrate load lock for automatically loading and unloading which prevents the vacuum from breaking.
  • UHV –sputtering system with base pressure < 9 * 10-9 mbar for excellent film quality.
  • Low pressure sputtering with up to 6 special developed magnetron sputter cathodes PK 600 x 125 mm.
  • Suited for various materials, including Mo, Si, diffusion barrier layers and capping layers
  • Extremely good layer thickness uniformity is achieved as a result of planetary based substrate tables, with main drive and sub rotation that have capabilities of programming speed profiles.
  • Adjustable sputter distance for different substrate height; maximum substrate height is 240mm (substrate incl. substrate carrier).

NESSY - technická data