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SYRUSpro family

Leybold Optics’ SYRUSpro is an industry leader in production and R&D. This machine produces superior coatings at extremely competitive rates. The SYRUSpro is ideal for AR-coating applications such as band pass, notch filters or special mirrors. It is equipped with Leybold Optics process control system, which excels by having high flexibility and maximum automation. Combining these attributes with a very broad selection of hardware components, guarantees the best possible adaptation of the systems to meet our customer’s needs. Optical and/or physical monitoring is used to control the precision of layer thickness. This monitoring results in precise layer growth, high uniformity, and a high production yield.
Leybold Optics’ SYRUSpro delivers extremely high spectral performance and unparalleled reproducibility at a low cost-per-piece. This performance will result in a more profitable ROI for your company.

SYRUSpro family

The SYRUSpro system is available in the following chamber types:

SYRUSpro 710

- Small coating system, Ideally suited for flexible small batch production, R & D

SYRUSpro 710, the smallest member of the family, is a very compact and cost-effective solution. Designed for small batch production, this model offers all the advantages of the large systems. Optical monitoring as well as plasma assisted deposition, or the specific control system, can be incorporated. These features make The SYRUSpro 710 a good choice for mass production, as well as for testing prototypes for process development in a pre-production environment. SYRUSpro 710 needs only 11 square meters of floor space, including its safety and operation areas.

SYRUSpro 910

- Medium size production system for optical coatings

SYRUSpro 1110

- Standard optical coating production system most widely used in the optical coating industry

The SYRUSpro 1110 is the most widely used system in the optical coating industry. It offers optimal production capacity, thin film performance, and process flexibility. Plasma technology and optical monitoring by our OMS system are available for this standard optical coating system with a chamber diameter of 1100 millimeters.

SYRUSpro 1350

- Standard coating system for high productivity

SYRUSpro 1510

- Large coating system for high productivity from flat to extremely curved substrates

SYRUSpro 1510, the largest standard-sized systems, produces optical coatings of ultimate precision at a high rate of productivity. It offers plasma technology (PIAD) and optical monitoring by our OMS system. This machine features a fully automated programming structure for automatic processes and a modular system configuration. A short pumping time and a high deposition rate help to reduce production costs. SYRUSpro 1510 is built for 24-hour-a-day mass production environment and is suitable for clean room use.

SYRUSpro 1910

- Large coating system for customized substrates

SYRUSpro 2810

- Customized system for e.g. big and/or heavy substrates


- Specialized SYRUSpro for DUV applications

SYRUSpro DUV is a specialized coating system for DUV applications, optimized for coatings at wavelengths 193 nm or lower. The carefully selected materials are installed in the specially prepared vacuum chambers to prevent contaminations by hydrocarbons during operation. Optimum results are realized by using metal sealing and special feed-throughs, while utilizing a cryo pumping system and a dry rough vacuum pumping stage.


- Specialized SYRUSpro for IR applications

The SYRUSpro IR coating system is an excellently adapted design for the special requirements of IR applications. The hardware components are matched to handle the high amounts of IR coating materials. Flat and strongly curved substrates in need of good uniformity can be coated with excellent layer performance over the complete surface and curvature.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for 24h mass production.
  • Reduces production costs with short pumping time and high deposition rates.
  • Utilizes various vacuum pump sets such as diffusion pumps, turbo molecular pumps and cryo pumps to achieve optimum vacuum performance.
  • Unsurpassed process repeatability and stability due to OMS 5000 on stationary test glass or intermitted on substrate holder.
  • Co-evaporation of two different sources with dual rate and thickness control.
  • Modular system configuration for a wide variety of process applications.
    • Substrate holders like different dome or planet types and flip over or flat pallet.
    • Electron beam evaporators in three different sizes and a large variety of crucible configurations.
    • Thermal evaporators in different configurations depending on amount and type of coating material used.
    • Plasma sources for PIAD or pre-treatment like APSpro, LION or others
    • Heaters optimized for the individual need from bottom and/or top
  • Control system with pre-installed processes
  • Maximizes productivity with minimal floor requirement
  • Optimizes film oxidation because of plasma ion assisted deposition PIAD with APSpro or LION
  • Controls and monitors all components with a user-friendly operator interface.
  • Integrates network and modem connection for remote access.

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