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Precision Optics

To control and shape the light, from UV over visual to infrared, to achieve every possible specification, challenging spectral shapes of the filter coatings, to make it possible, with our components, coatings systems, process technology, our engineers, the long years experience...this is the art dedicated to our customers...
Leybold Optics develops and produces vacuum coating systems for optical applications for more than 50 years. We are operating worldwide with daughter companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. We are not only producing the coating equipment, but also developing our own components, optimised to achieve the best performance. Besides the hardware development, we are also focusing on the coating process. To provide the best solutions for our customers, we will utilize our experience in coating process development and adapt our components to the requirements of the process technology. This results in various types of coating systems like the SYRUSpro family of evaporation coating systems for high end applications, the Helios family for sputtering applications with highest precision in optical coating.