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PRO-M – Aluminum coating system for metalized protective packaging materials

For the protection of the environment, aluminum foils and aluminum-plastic laminates, used as packaging materials, have been replaced by highly innovative, metalized plastic films and papers. The key advantages of these materials are environmental sustainability, high protection due to superb oxygen and water vapor barrier properties and robustness, combined with low costs of production.
PRO-M is the innovative solution of Leybold Optics for the deposition of conventional aluminum coatings for a wide range of packaging materials.

Several features are the result of purposeful R&D work, focused on key performance criteria. There is the high-rate evaporator UNIVAP, a patented Leybold Optics invention. The optimized arrangement of the ceramic evaporator boats results in unrivalled homogenity and reproducibility. Another example is Leybold Optics’ proprietary RHTC (Reduced Harmonic Thyristor Control) technology for extended boat life time and minimized pinhole generation. META-M is the latest innovation in the portfolio. With its completely new design for high-rate deposition and fastest process speeds, is it the answer to tomorrow’s challenges.


  • Plasma pre-treatment for consistent quality of substrates before processing and best product properties.
  • UNIVAP Al-evaporator – state of the art - optimised and patented design to guarantee best uniformity.
  • LMS – Layer Monitoring System – for in-situ quality control.
  • In-situ closed loop layer control and monitoring.
  • Automatic process control.
  • Recipe controlled production.
  • Batch report and data-logging for quality control, process evaluation and optimisation.
  • Advanced system controller with remote service access via modem.

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